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    Braille G14H Lithium GreenLite High Capacity 12v Battery

    Original price $549.99 USD - Original price $549.99 USD
    Original price
    $549.99 USD
    $549.99 USD - $549.99 USD
    Current price $549.99 USD

    At only 5lbs, the G14H Lithium GreenLite High Capacity 12 Volt Battery is a high-performance upgrade from a traditional lead acid battery. Offering significant weight reduction, more power output and lasting up to 5 times longer than lead acid batteries!

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  • Superior starting capabilities with high cranking amp output per kg
  • Fast and efficient recharge, up to 5 times faster than lead acid batteries
  • Can be used in 'Total Loss' (no alternator) applications
  • 3-5 times longer service life vs. lead-acid batteries
  • Engineered for high shock and vibration applications
  • Up to 2/3 weight reduction for equivalent cranking performance
  • Braille lithium race batteries are used by more professional race teams, car builders and race series globally, than any other lithium battery on the market!!

       Physical Specs

    Battery Chemistry LFP Width 3.4" / 88mm
    Weight 5lbs / 2.27kg Height 5.8" / 147mm
    Length 5.9" / 150mm Polarity Positive Left (M6)
    Terminal Type Brass Terminal Block M6 Bolt    

       Performance Specs

    Recharge Voltage 14.4V to 14.6V Maintenance Voltage 13.8
    Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA) 5 Sec 376
    Amp hour (Ah) 15
    Battery Voltage 12V Capacity (Wh) 192
    Continuous Discharge Current (A) 150 Charging Temperature 0°C to 50°C
    Charging Discharge Range -20°C to +60°C Storage Temperature -20°C to +60°C