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  • Lithium ION Warranty


    *Please be aware you must Register Your Product to qualify for Warranty.

    Braille batteries are trusted around the world as the highest quality, most reliable batteries available. We have the strictest quality control standards and perform exclusive performance checks on all of our batteries prior to shipment to the customer. This prevents dead-on-arrival batteries. We also ship all of our batteries fully charged ready to install. Due to the long shelf life of Braille batteries, your product should arrive ready to install fully charged.

    Made with proven race-winning lithium technology, our lithium batteries are tuned for maximum output and performance. All of Braille’s lithium products are DOT approved and offer a 1st year free replacement warranty and up to an additional 2nd year pro-rated warranty depending on model. Warranty may be void if battery is used 'out of spec' or beyond intended use range. Please speak with our Braille specialists to ensure the chosen model is approved for your application.

    We offer a 'free replacement warranty' for the following periods:

    1 YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT* :  All qualifying Super 16 and Micro-Lite batteries

    1st YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT, 2nd YEAR PRO-RATED*: All qualifying Green-Lite batteries

    1st YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT, NEXT 2 YEARS PRO-RATED*: All qualifying Intensity and Intensity Carbon batteries

    FIRST 3 YEARS FREE REPLACEMENT, NEXT 2 YEARS PRO-RATED* 75%/50%: All qualifying FleetLite batteries

    *Warranty Terms & Conditions

    • The product must have an original purchase receipt in order to be eligible for a warranty. Without 'Proof of Purchase', ShopBraille reserves the right to deny any warranty claim.
    • All shipping of return items and replacement items are the customer’s responsibility.
    • ShopBraille warranties are non-transferable. Warranties are mean't for the original customer only. If the item is resold from the original purchaser to any other buyer (i.e. ebay, forums, in a vehicle, etc.) no warranty is available.
    • Warranty is a guarantee against manufacturer defects. Jump starting, deep discharge and other abuse will void warranty.
    • Shipping your battery back to ShopBraille without the proper paperwork may lead to the loss of your item and/or the denial of your warranty claim.
    • Any batteries damaged when delivered back to ShopBraille will not be replaced under the free replacement warranty program. It is the customer’s responsibility to package the item so that it will not be damaged during the shipping process. At that time ShopBraille reserves the right to charge up to full MSRP for the item warranted.
    • All warranty batteries must be returned to and received by ShopBraille within the warranty period (i.e. ML20C before the 1 year warranty has expired; G30 before the 2 year warranty has expired).
    • Once a battery is received and tested to be bad, a replacement will be sent out. If customer needs replacement right away, customer will pay for replacement that is sent out and a credit will be issued once the first battery is received and found to be bad. If battery is good, then no credit will be issued and original battery will be sent back to customer. Customer shall be responsible for shipping on any warranted replacement battery and/or on the return shipping of a battery sent in for replacement, if that battery is tested to be good.
    • Each item is only eligible for one free replacement. After that a prorated price may be decided upon on a customer to customer basis depending on the situation.
    • Once a customer’s product has been warranted the replacement item only holds the warranty until the expiration of the original item. The warranty does not start over on the replacement item.
    • ShopBraille reserve the right to deny any warranty claim.

    Product Return Policy

    Items may be returned for 14 days from original purchase. Returns will only be accepted for batteries purchased direct from ShopBraille. Resellers of Braille batteries reserve the right to accept or deny product within their company’s policies. Items must be returned and received by ShopBraille by the 15th day from date of receipt of merchandise from ShopBraille. Once the item has been returned the current selling price or original purchase price (whichever is lower) of the item will be credited to via a company check (Please allow 3-5 days processing time). The total refund will be less the shipping and handling and a 25% restocking fee. Return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.