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    Braille F34 Fleet-Lite Lithium Battery

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    Original price $1,199.99 USD
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    Current price $959.99 USD
    SKU F34

    Our Braille Fleet-Lite F34 lithium Group 34 battery that combines high cranking power and high capacity with amazing 'deep cycle' life in a single battery for commercial, industrial, automotive and marine applications.

    This 20.3 pound lithium battery replaces an 40-50 pound lead battery, has more cranking power and usable power, typically last up to 8+ times longer than lead. This 'all in one' solution can be used for starting and power supply applications in a variety of vehicles.

    Braille lithium batteries charge FIVE times faster than lead and are more efficient when charged by solar panels and also don't self-discharge.

    If there is no draw on the battery, it will still be at 50% state of charge and still at 13 volts after sitting for FIVE years, just give it a top of charge and it's still within spec of new!

    Perfect upgrade for cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, boats (also replaces Group 24 size) and other common applications that use a Group 34 battery.

    WARRANTY: 5 Years - 3 Years Free Replacement, 4th year 75% and 5th year 50% Pro-rated and Braille Lithium batteries have the lowest failure rate on the market.

       Physical Specs

    BCI Group 34 Width 6.9" / 173mm
    Weight 20.3lbs / 9.2kg Height 7.7" / 196mm
    Length 10.87" / 276mm Polarity Left Side Positive

       Performance Specs

    Voltage 12.8V Full Voltage Charge 13.8
    Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA) 1950 Amp hour (Ah) 60
    Reserve Capacity 145 mins Life Cycle (10%DOD) 6000+