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    Braille B10531M Endurance AGM Marine & Truck Battery

    Original price $469.99 USD - Original price $469.99 USD
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    $469.99 USD
    $469.99 USD - $469.99 USD
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    SKU B10531M

    Braille B10531M Endurance AGM Marine and Trucking Battery. Using their AGM racing technology Braille have managed to pack a lot of power into these longer lasting batteries from their Endurance Series.

    More cranking power and a sealed, maintenance free battery that won't eat holes in the battery tray and surrounding areas of your car, with 2905 pulse cranking amps this has enough power to start more than any other battery in it's weight and class.

    These Group 34 size batteries are the ideal upgrade from the flooded lead-acid batteries that come in most cars from the factory. Longer battery life equals less waste and lower cost to you. Our batteries keep the highest concern for the environment and quality by building the Endurance series with recycled lead and plastic.

    Please note that whilst this battery offers a high cranking amps capability, you need to make sure the battery has enough capacity for the vehicle intended to be used in.

  • Suitable for Medium Capacity Boats and Trucks
  • Non Spillable Design, with Any Way Up Mounting
  • Most Powerful Batteries in their Size and Class
  •    Physical Specs:

    BCI Group 31 Width 6.75" / 172mm
    Weight 69lbs / 31.1kg Height 9.38" / 239mm
    Length 12.94" / 329mm Polarity Left Side Positive

       Performance Specs:

    Voltage 12 Full Voltage Charge 13.2
    Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA) 2905 Amp hour (Ah) 105
    Reserve Capacity (RC) 315 min Life Cycle (10%DOD) 3000-3500