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    Shubert Custom Cycles wins again powered by new Braille G30HD Motorcycle Spec lithium battery

    Shubert Custom Cycles wins again powered by new Braille G30HD Motorcycle Spec lithium battery

    Steve Shubert and Shubert Custom Cycles were the first to purchase & install the new Braille GreenLite G30HD “Motorcycle Spec” lithium battery on his way to several wins & top honors for Best Bagger, Paint & Audio in several different competitions.  As a premier bike customizer and builder out of Park Forest, IL., Steve not only wanted the best lithium battery to upgrade his personal custom bike, but is now a Braille dealer, as well.  Braille is proud to partner up with industry leaders like Shubert Custom Cycles that also sets a high benchmark in producing a premium and top-notch product for their customers. 

    Recent Accolades include:

    1st Place -  Best Bagger at the Black Hills Beat Down
    3rd Place -  Rat’s Hole Show is the most prestigious show, and judges based on craftsmanship and build quality instead of looks and appearance.
    Best In Show -  Sexiest Bagger Show sponsored by American Bagger and Urban Bagger Magazine as well as American Suspension
    Mark Brody Best Paint Award at Baddest Bagger Sturgis
    Best In Show & First Place Bagger class at the Full Throttle Magazine show
    1st in Paint & 2nd in Audio - Baddest Bagger Chicago

    More battery specifics:

    The GreenLite G30HD (Harley Davidson) “Motorcycle Spec” lithium battery is the ultimate upgrade for the large Harley “bagger” owners looking for more battery power and longer life for their bikes. This is a direct fit upgrade for the common “30” size in the touring bikes. (YIX30L, YB30L-B, ETX30L, HD 66010-97)

    This 7.7 pound powerhouse has 24 amp hours (replaces a 60+ amp hour lead battery) to power upgraded stereos, power extra lighting, etc. while also lasting up to 5 times longer that traditional lead batteries weighing 20+ pounds.

    G30HD combo comes with the 1236L (6 amp) lithium charger for $50 additional.

    Braille Lithium delivers a higher, cleaner voltage which improves the performance of every electrical component and has shown to provide:

    • Quicker starting (a full volt higher than lead and less voltage drop during cranking)

    • Improved electrical performance of engine management, stereo (even competition), lights, etc. (more stable voltage)

    • Eliminates slow or non-starting issues seen with lead batteries after several starts and not enough run time due to the efficient charging of lithium (5 times faster than lead),

    • Lasts 3-5 times longer (especially under the harshest environments),

    • Much more reliable (Braille Lithium batteries have a less than 1/2 of 1% failure rate annually & those due to abuse, improper maintenance, etc.)

    • Significant weight savings. (up to 1/3 the weight)

    • Don’t self-discharge, so if the battery is disconnected (no draw), they can sit for over a year and still have over 13 volts to start the bike.

    To get all these benefits in one simple step makes it a very cost effective upgrade!!