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  • Braille G-SBS40C GreenLite Lithium Battery + 6A Charger Combo


    Our Braille G-SBS40 GreenLite lithium battery and 6A lithium charger combo. The Braille G-SBS40 lithium battery is an automotive spec model that weighs jut 8.5 lbs and is designed for the Import Tuner of 4 & 6 cylinder street cars and up to small block V8 hot rods & similar applications of street & race cars. (Check with us at Shop Braille to see if this model is recommended for vehicles that are outside these parameters).

    The G-SBS40 is an upgrade for the commonly used Odyssey PC1100 and SBS40 AGM batteries but less than 1/3rd the weight, more power & capacity and will last up to 5 times longer!

    Our G-SBS40C 'Combo' deal comes with one of our new Optimate 6A lithium chargers, with a saving of over $100 compared with buying the battery and charger separately. Chargers should be used in vehicles that are not driven regularly to offset parasitic draw in most modern vehicles.

       Physical Specs

    BCI Group 40 Width 3.8" / 96mm
    Weight 8.5lbs / 3.8kg Height 8.1" / 205mm
    Length 9.8" / 248mm Polarity Right Side Positive


       Performance Specs

    Voltage 12 Full Voltage Charge 13.8
    Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA / CA) 1197 / 1000 Amp hour (Ah) 20
    Lithium Amp hour/Lead-Acid Equivalent 60 Reserve Capacity (min) 60

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