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  • Braille E2451L E-Lite Power Supply Lithium Battery


    Due to popular demand, Braille customers who've been asking for high capacity, power supply lithium batteries here's our E2451L E-Lite Group 31 model, 24 volts, with a 51 Amp hour rating, it can be used solely or in series for 48 volts.

    This model is not a starting battery as it is limited to a max constant discharge current of 100 amps, less than half the weight and cycle life up to 10 times that of lead batteries.

      Physical Specs

    BCI Group 31 Width 6.89" / 175mm
    Weight 30.4lbs / 13.8kg Height 8.66" / 220mm
    Length 12.99" / 330mm Polarity Left Side Positive

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